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So I basically run as a Hot Shot in the summer during wild land fire season. I'm based in Colorado but travel in the Western US using my personally owned Ram 3500. I have my DOT numbers on a magnet so I can remove them when I'm not pulling my trailer to a wild land fire. I may only drive to 4-6 fires per year, and when I'm there, I D/C from the trailer and it sits for a few weeks until they release me. Under my government contract, While in route to a fire, I am only allowed to drive 8 hrs per day, or 10 hrs if I have a second driver.

My trailer is an enclosed gooseneck that looks like a car hauler w/ no business name or advertising. I have a Class A CDL and the total weight is under 20,000 lbs

Am I better off driving it as if I'm a civilian going camping? or spend the $ on an ELD for the few times a year I would use it?

I was told by a State Trooper friend that if I leave the state of CO I need DOT #'s and an ELD.

What are your thoughts?


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If Im not "mistaken" wouldnt he be "exempt" given the Nature of his work...

Or is that just First Responders only..

Nonetheless during those bad hurricaines they exempted Carriers who were hauling relief supplies so ..

Dont take my word for it though

mndriver mndriver is the "MAN" to ask I swear to gosh he has read that DOT book cover to cover like a dozen times or so


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I was told last night by a friend (Government employee) that delivers fire supplies via Class A for the Forest Service, That I am exempt from HOS, ELD and even DOT #'s because I am under a federal contract responding to a national emergency.

I keep hearing different thoughts, I am kinda in a league of my own I guess.

Funny story: A couple years ago, I got pulled over because I had a short in my marker lights. Only my brake lights worked. A CO Trooper pulled me over and told me to duct tape highway flares to my trailer..... during fire season. Ha! I said no, and drove w/ my flashers on for 100 miles.


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Thank you all.

It looks like I am exempt from the ELD because I drive less than 8 days in a 30 day period.

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I'd print those out and keep them in your permit book


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I finally received confirmation from Colo Sate Patrol. Any CMV responding to or delivering supplies to a natural disaster ie. wildfire, hurricane. Is exempt from Parts 390-399.

Thanks for the help!


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