Hoods n stacks, chicken lights n frame, cool guy trucks rule

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Just sent a 2020 389 out the door...the father of the driver that traded in the Pride and Class pictured above.
He traded in a '17 black 389 with 250K if anyone is interested...this family operation (father and two sons) takes immaculate care of their equipment. In fact, I just sent the new truck out without being detailed (that almost never happens and is against company policy)...he insists on doing that himself.
Here it is...prepped but unwashed, lol. The Legacy Brown color is kind of "meh", but it comes alive under sunlight...never thought I'd have anything nice to say about a brown vehicle but this makes two in the past year that have changed my mind a bit.
Picture #3 has Paccar's new "Mixter Door" feature on the sleeper.


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It made me a little sad that TMC went to aero trucks, but at least the ones we got are sexy for an aero truck.