Hi! I would like to introduce myself...


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Hi everyone! I hope all is well! I am new here and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My nick name is Ree, I am a 36 year old woman based out of the N.C. area. I have been a Freight broker, dispatcher, for 12 years. I had maintained my own company for 9 of those years. I’m April of 2019 I started my own trucking company. At this time,I have 3 trucks and growing. It’s been a tough road so far but I’m still hanging in there. There is a lot to learn and being a Freight Broker just doesn’t compare to running a trucking company. I am here to learn as much knowledge and wisdom as possible and to try understand certain challenges that I personally have faced on a daily basis. As well as maybe even helping others with some of the information that I have gained along the way. I am always open to a positive and healthy conversation about trucking/logistics so if you guys would like to get to know me don’t hesitate to reach out!


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hey, do you need an awesome driver that get your loads to the appropriate place on time? we are looking for a reliable dependable job. thank you. I am out of Florida.