Hi guys


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i have questions, going to buy truck
Volvo 2014 500k mile volvo engine,
what do you guys think?


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Buy a Freightliner with a series 60.


Pull into a Petro in colby KS and ask them to install a cab airbags.

Or exit 263 in Nebraska and ask them to put in a wheel seal and bearings.

There's more Freightliner shops around that can fix you up about anytime you need to vs a Pete, kw, Volvo or Mack.

What's your downtime worth?


When I blew a steer airbag on my Volvo at Big G I had the first one replaced at a Pete dealership( they would not replace both no matter what I said) and the second one the next day at a Petro. Both in Houston.

While TA's are Service Points for Freightliner there are a plethora of Mack/Volvo dealerships and parts out there and would not be a deciding factor in my choice. Maintenance records, oil samples, price and overall condition (good tires, clean under carriage, tight steering etc).


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Volvo 2014 500k mile volvo engine
First, its a recent emissions engine - if the emissions equipment goes south on you, its very expensive to repair. That's assuming that they even have a clue about what the root problem is.

Second, its a Volvo engine. I'd look around for one with a Cummins in it if you must go with a Volvo truck.

Look for reasons to not buy a truck when you're looking. The truck (underneath the paint and shined up tires) needs to recommend itself to you.