Flatbed Hey! You! Yes, you! What are you hauling?

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I'm sure it's hard work but it looks cool and you can drive the cool looking trucks. I'm sure an aero truck won't help with fuel economy with those loads.
It's much easier now. Like today.....limestone lots and lots of limestone. I'm practically a door swinger. :oops:



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I got shingles, but it would just be another boring pic of x-strapped shingles so pointless to post.

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You know I didn't even look hard enough to realize it waa a roll tite
It’s a low pro butch, too. 215/75/17.5 tires. Almost as much ground clearance as the RGN I latched onto earlier this week

The pup motor was funky so we used a forklift to pick the neck off the tractor

All kinds of fun this week. We go drop the stepdeck and this week is done