Flatbed Hey! You! Yes, you! What are you hauling?


Old acid hauler but not too caustic
Holy ****! I am going to have to start taking pics of what I haul. I have more interesting and unusual **** in my dry-van. Like a snowmobile or a milling machine.
What kind of snow machines? Arctic Crap ain't very interesting when I last encountered a few of them. But mills are always interesting. In 1968 9, 70, and 71 when I worked for CF (the Clark Farnsworth operation out of the Martinez tanker yard) we used haul engines out of the United Airlines maintenance facility at the north end of the airport. one of the mills there had about a 10' X 10' table. I loved to haul jet engines. Got to raid the galleys while the mechanics swapped out engines. Used to get to sit in the right seat as the mechanics taxied the planes around the taxiways testing the new engines. Those jet engines were light so it made me think my old 250 had big power. The last time I was up in one of the villages along the frozen Yukon River, the locals were *****ing about the Arctic Crap snow machines and wishing that they had bought Ski-Doos. Of course, that might have been the antifreeze talking.


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I got some big azz machine part that weighs almost 28k. I forgot to take a pic before I tarped it. Soooo I could post another tarp pic....ooooh maybe I will in my tarp thread tomorrow.