Helpful (or dreadful) iProduct Apps


Dock Details Drivers Deserve

Just heard about this recently. Downloaded the app, but haven’t really dig into it yet.

Has the potential to be as beneficial as truckerpath, possibly even more useful.
I'd agree with your assessment if I could find any facilities I've been to. I only found one, but there's hardly any info on it yet.

Hopefully it takes off like trucker path did.

Right now it's damn near useless. I didn't register an account though. If I did I'd probably be entering all kinds of places.
I wish there was a “restaurant nearby” app. Truckers path is ok for that, but if I’m at a Walmart or other parking I never know except for what I can see visually


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I just Google map bars near me and it works.
Such as tonite when my brand new truck is at the dealer for repairs after one day in service. Not good.


The google maps, google street view, google earth and what not paradox

I figured one of them out to suss out locations and I still can’t figure out if you’re just ****ing with me :harumph:
Remove the tinfoil and take your medication. :thumbsup:

Seriously, if you're looking for what's in walking distance, use Google maps. Don't need satellite view, just the regular default screen. Zoom in on your location until you start seeing business names show up, then pan around.

It's not perfect yet though. Not all businesses are entered yet.

You can also use street view but those idiots blur signs which totally defeats the intended purpose of it..