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I am an owner of a small fleet and i am looking to expand my business ventures. I've always enjoyed dispatching. I love the challenges it presents. I believe there is always room for improvement in this field. I would like to help drivers in any dispatching needs. I'm pretty sure you are all aware of what a dispatcher does so i'm not gonna type all that down here. I can tell you one thing. I do not believe in percentages when it comes to dispatching, i believe it influences the negotiating process when one charges a percentage of a load. That's just my personal opinion. Please, help me, help you, help me.😀

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Dispatchers are usually good for nothing SOBs that can’t read a map, tell time, estimate land speed travel, heck even know what a globe IS or be able to do basic math. Not to mention lack of understanding of HOS and not understanding loading, strapping and tarping takes more than 5 ******* minutes

Other than that dispatchers are useful
When I read drivers rants like these it blows my mind. How do you allow a dispatcher dictate all those factors mentioned above? Doesn't a dispatcher work for the driver? How can a dispatcher make all those decisions for a driver? The only fault I can pick up from this, is lack of communication between O/O and dispatcher.

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