Stephanie C H

Formerly 'STEPHANIE C'
Hi, I'm Stephanie. I work in the trucking industry and have been for 10yrs now. I enjoy making sure I help truckers stay on the road and get them the parts they need to run smoothly.
Where do you guys/ gals get your parts?
Would you rather go in a shop or do you feel like ordering online is cheaper?
How could the brick/mortar stores improve in today's society. To me, it seems that stores are going away, especially when we can order anything we see, just about, Offline.
I look forward to meeting people, learning about trucks, and more about the trucking industry.
I have a deep respect for truckers. I hear their stories all the time. It's fascinating.
Cheers and please stay safe out there!!!


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hi Stephanie
I can go in the brick and mortor stores and usualy get the right part quicker then online

if I order online,and the part is wrong,it is a hassle to return it.Some things are easier online like knobs,lights etc
but compressors,dryers etc I would rather buy in person and usually I have to return the core