Hello from Lawton in the Sooner State!: Please share with us your hero trucker story.

Red Sovine had a song in '67 about a hero driver named Big Joe in "Phantom 309". He saved a busload of schoolkids by veering off the road to lose his own life.

There is a woman right now on CNN announcing running for President. She claims there is a real-life story in middle America about a truck driver who did the same to save a school bus full of children. This speech made me think about that old song and want to reflect on it here.

American railroad lore is full of hero stories too like Casey Jones and John Henry.

Please share your real-world hero truck driver stories here if you know of any.

Would YOU drive your own truck off a cliff to save children?
Please don't answer. Just ponder this rhetorical question over.

What I gather is truck driving is no coward's job for sure.