Hello Folks!


Hey... I'm new to trucking and have now been in it for 8 months.
Home base is Phoenix, AZ. I was told about this forum by
another trucker I met on the road. So I thought I would give it a

Currently, working for Crete... but for how long... not sure. Been
getting screwed by them in many ways!

Looking for an affordable bookkeeper that could help me go
thru my pay and figure out what to do to make things right.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


curmudgeon extraordinare
Check the yellow pages for an accountant.

How do you feel you're being cheated? Short miles? Get over it. They are likely paying you off household goods miles. There's a typical 10-15% error right there between their program and reality.


They promised practical miles and here I found out I AM being paid HHG. But I spoke to Landstar today about leasing on once I have a year under my belt and they said to tough it out with crete. Only another 4 months. I'm planning to lease a truck from Ryder to get started. Just for a bit of insight... I'm 60 and owned my own cleaning business for 30 years and went down the tubes during the O'Bummer years. So I looked for something else to do and here I am 3 years later. I studied the trucking biz for 2 years prior to moving forward with it.

Thanks for the welcomes! :cheers:

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