Hangover tips


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back in my heydays a piece of bread spread with a LIBERAL amount of butter before drinking anything, and drinking 2 large glasses of water befire going to sleep worked every time


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I don't go out like I use to. When I did I was married and my wife was a singer in a band. I did shots of Tequila but for every shot I did I drank 16oz of ginger ale.


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One drink, two glasses of water.

Hangovers are caused by dehydration as I understand it.

So just don't get dehydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic.


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Straight Kentucky bourbon.
None of that blended crap.

All vodka is rot gut and that's what they use to cut blended whiskey.
You can get blind drunk on straight bourbon and never wake up with a headache or upset stomach.


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When I drank, I found a 32oz cup of mountain dew and a snickers bar. Then sip water. Dehydration and a big swing in blood sugar levels cause hangovers. (Alcohol is very high in sugar regardless of type). So this gets some fluid in you and brings up your sugar level.

My grandad swore wake up hung over drink a coke and 3 beers. Well I found the mountain dew and Snickers to do the same thing.