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Keto JumpStart: Fueled By Fat, Driven By Desire

Full disclosure: I knew nothing about the ketogenic lifestyle/diet until I began listening to Kevin Rutherford from Let's Truck start talking about it. I listened, and then as all people should do, I started researching. As I studied, I learned the history of this diet, and really began to understand why traditional doctors, and the big medical industry as a whole has resisted this for so long.

If I was going to do this, I felt like I needed to do it properly, so rather than continuing to halfway do it as I had been, I enrolled in the above course as soon as it was available. Kevin's course not only teaches you the basics of a Keto diet, it explains the importance of taking it a step further by ensuring you are getting all the proper nutrients as well. He calls it NDK (Nutritional Dense Keto). We will discuss most of this on the forum here, but this course will get you going quickly on this diet, and most importantly, get you started the right way.

I make zero money off of promoting this. It's just a course I bought, a course my wife has not went through as she is now on the same diet, and it's a course I would recommend to anyone interested in the ketogenic diet. $29 well spent.

Keto JumpStart: Fueled By Fat, Driven By Desire


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Rutherford started talking about diet a few years ago, and was advocating getting away from eating prepared foods - getting on the "Mediterranean" or "Paleo" diets, eating fresh, whole foods. He still is.

Another trucker, my friend Ron S., who had retired from the Army about five years ago now, was eating the usual bad truckers diet, and his primary care doctor diagnosed him with prediabetes syndrome. His doc put him on Metformin. Ron, started freaking out, and started researching diets. He came upon the Ketogenic diet, and started following it. He also was a regular caller to Rutherford's show. That is how Rutherford was introduced to the Keto diet - Ron's talking it up, and urging Rutherford to look into it.

I'm mentioning this because a lot of folks think Rutherford is an idjit for many reasons. That may or may not be the case. This diet was brought to Rutherford, after my friend Ron had success with it. His original research was on websites that were dedicated to controlling childhood seizures, mentioned that high fat content or Ketogenic diets helped. These diets had the side benefit of controlling blood sugar.