Robert Davis

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A friend of mine is selling and Rand McNally 710. I borrowed this week to see how it would do with my Garmin. The Rand McNally NEVER would give the the choice of routes. It would pop up just 1 route and you had to take that one. Is that option not available on this model or is it the nut operating it. Thank you for your comments.


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You can choose "shortest route" or "fastest route" in the route settings menu for the canned routing. If that doesn't float yer boat, you can define intermediate stops (route to zipcode city center) to yer little hearts content to define whatever funky route you choose... its just a matter of constraining the routing algorithm to where you want it to go. You can save those trips to recall that particular one if you use it often.


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I'm working with a 720 and mapbook and the 720 offers you the option to compare 2 routes. When you put in the destination, it should be an option next to fastest/shortest route. The 710 might not have it, though.


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It's likely thr nut operating it and the 710. I would suggest getting the 730