GPS America..?

texas glori

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I bought a mustang dominator 870 hdlm. A unit arrived within a week but it was a Titan! I TRIED to call but kept getting a message saying "they were busy with other customers" EVERY time i called! They directed me to their web site to email them..i sent several. They FINALLY emailed me back to tell me that THEY had researched it and the Titan is better and i would be better off with that one. I called and emailed again and they FINALLY wrote back saying there were several OTHERS that they would exchange for which were better for a FIRST? TIME? USER. How would THEY even know if i were or not!? I have written them AGAIN to see if they will finally send me WHAT I ORDERED! If you are even considering buying from these people...i WOULDNT! I picture some dude sitting behind a lap top in a garage with a pile of GPS units to get rid of and he is REALLY good at making a believable web site...and there i was..looking for a good gps with all the right features... . We will see what happens. In the mean time, BUYER BEWARE!


i never heard of this company, so went there, via your title. they do seem to have many brands available. however this is no guarantee of quality service.

i can feel your pain for what you spent. all you can continue to do is nag them.

as others, i too buy from companies i am more familiar with, like Amazon, Iowa80(website), and some other electronics websites, with a good customer satisfaction feedback.

i also one time recently, bought an automotive product, they a Google sponsored vendor.

under this purchase, Google guaranteed 100% satisfaction

so i "took a chance" on a cheapo item.....

it's what i do sometimes.

everything was fantastic..>!!

so maybe in the future, shop at Google sponsored vendor's, or Amazon, or other high customer satisfaction companies.

best of luck to you, i hope you make out well with this.