Good Samaritan pulls driver and his dog from flaming truck crash


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Around noon on Wednesday, a semitrailer slammed into a barrier that separates the U.S. 69 highway exit and westbound Interstate 435 in Overland Park, Kan. Witnesses reported that a passing motorist leaped the highway barriers and dashed to the burning truck.

Within minutes, the trapped driver inside was pulled from the cab along with his dog. Sixty seconds later, the wreckage erupted in a fiery explosion.

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Kid should be proud he ran towards the fire, and not standing there streaming it on redfacetwatsninder like the rest of the walking dead.
Yeah. Most "people" today would just stand there and take selfies. :mad:


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Bravado for the good Samaritan not afraid to get involved and brave enough to save another life.Article reads Trucker taken to hospital.
Best wishes for the truckers and dog recovery.