Good loads/bad loads


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LOL @ Racer...

Nuke loads might make you not to want to turn off the see if you are glowing or not.


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I delivered a Nuke load to Three Mile Island last year. No one understood my "glow" jokes. The load, itself, was not a nuke, I didn't even have to go through security and still got the nuke pay.


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OK, I give up. Fill me in. What is a "nuke" load, and what is a "DriverTech"?

Inquiring minds want to know.
A "nuke" load is a load either into or out of a Nuclear plant that (as terry indicated) may or may not require a whole pile of crap wo wade through to get.

As far as a driver tech, I point you to this thread where I asked this question AGES ago, and never got an answer, until the one I am about to post!

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