Glider News - Repeal Of Emissions Requirements For Glider Kits Could Be Finalized This Month


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According to a 2018 spring regulatory report issued by federal agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule to repeal emissions standards on glider kits could be finalized as soon as this month.

The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs estimated that the repeal would become a final rule in May 2018.

In November, the EPA proposed a rule to repeal emissions requirements for glider vehicles, glider engines and glider kits. The EPA said the proposal was based on an interpretation of the Clean Air Act under which “glider kits would not be treated as incomplete new motor vehicles.” Under the proposed interpretation, EPA would lack the authority to regulate the gliders.

Simply put, the EPA said that gliders aren’t new trucks and that they shouldn’t be regulated like new trucks.

Repeal of emissions requirements for glider kits could be finalized as soon as this month

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