Gas station fuel cheaper than truck stop fuel?


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I have a fuelman card.I buy fuel at local stations and used to use kangeroos stations annd QT`s but Kangeroos sold out.(I believe)They had the best and cheapest fuel.I saved a ton of cash over the usual truck stops.No red dye and big hoses,no little car hoses

come IFTA time,I just reported it as usual,no problem
I also have a couple extra fuelman cards , one for my pu and one for my crv
I don`t use them for my fuel taxes but at years end I write it all off my taxs


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one of the biggest con games in the industry is those fuel cards, people claim you get big discounts from the big truck stops.
like T/A,Pilot etc you know the over priced clocksuckers
I tried one once,added up my savings after a fuel up,and looked across the street at the Wilco truck stop and still paid .01 a gallon more then much fo saving money

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