Freightliner Columbia 2006, fuel tanks not equalizing


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It was a joke not a dick.
Yyyyyeah, that's kinda why I put the laughy face reaction thingy on it. 🙄

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I am new to driving a truck. Just purchased this Freightliner Columbia, with Mercedes engine, has duel 70 gal tanks. The fuel gauge seems to be reading off the drivers side tank, but when I stopped to fill (gauge read 1/4 tank), my pass side tank was still full. I saw some posts about a clogged vent as a possibility, but when I open the pass side tank cap - should it not then allow it to equalize? or does it use a transfer pump? Any advice appreciated!
I saw this and it brought back memories. One tank full and the other empty......oops. You learn fast that there's a switch you need to have opened up to use both tanks....and check the vent.
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Hey all, thanks for all the tips and advice. So I have learned Freightliner uses a patented "equil-flow" system. Yes I checked vents - but also agree with you all that said opening the cap on the full tank should let them equalize - except on this FL system there is no crossover line. I open/closed the individual shut off valves a few times and it seems like this helped. I need to get her back on the road for a longer time and then check levels. thanks very much!