FL60 fuel shutoff relay location

My starter started getting weak and eventually one day just quit and when it did the fuel shutoff solenoid blew apart, so I ordered a new starter, fuel shutoff solenoid and fuel shutoff relay. I replaced the starter and fuel shutoff solenoid but I can't find the location of the relay. When I tried starting the truck it wouldn't start, I can push the solenoid in and it will lock in place with the key on then start, so the hold power is working to the solenoid but the pull power is not. From what I understand the pull power is generated when the engine cranks then runs thru this relay then to the solenoid. I have the new relay but I have crawled all over this truck and can't find the location of the old one. Truck is a 1997 FL 60 with a 12V 5.9 cummins.

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