Fart causes plane evacuation. Are farts dangerous?


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At the airport the crew bus would take employees from the terminal to the employee parking lot, Buddy let one rip and this guy was always rank. Everyone bails out of the crew bus on to the tarmac gagging and almost puking.
Being as it is an airport and high security restricted area the RCMP rolls up and asks what is going on? Arrest that guy!:idiot:. What did he do?
He farted and almost killed us all!
RCMP laughs and shakes his head and drives away:rolllaugh:
It's always fun being stuck in the middle seat with Mr. Frequent Flier as he pulls a huge Burrito out of his briefcase....

Turn on the ventilation above you, tilt your head upward for that stream of fresh air and hope you don't lose your **** when he pulls out his can of Pork n Beans....

I never bum-rush for that window seat. I should, but I don't.... I just situate myself so that the hot chick get's the window seat and we can agree to lean AWAY from Burrito man and just go to sleep.

Maybe the airlines will incorporate gas masks... but then you'd have two masks to deal with....unless it's O.K to grab the Oxygen mask ..... I mean... it is an emergency... right? The guy just dookied in his pants.....


I hate KW 680s
An American Airlines flight had to evacuate passengers due to someone passing gas and people getting sick. You can actually get sick from a fart but studies have found the hydrogen sulfide may actually be beneficial. Thought y'all would like this one...

Plane Evacuation Due to Fart: Can Farts Cause Illness?
I was told once that Broccolli was healthy...

If I got fresh broccolli and dip ...

Or cooked broccolli and cheeze whiz sauce

Plain its yuck...

Yet that broccolli is a cruciferrous and ya get mad gas