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Changes in monthly mileages will leave you destitute.
Either that, or on the beach at Maui for vacation.


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So Joe broker offers you a load that goes 50 miles. It pays $6/ mile. You load it Monday, it won't deliver until Wednesday at 5 am. It's got 2700 line items and likely won't clear you from a dock until well after 3 pm. Not letting you reload until Thursday.

It's $6/ mile.

Do you take the load?
Of course not. Unless I have another trailer and can sit on it, and drop it while it's being loaded & unloaded. Fetch it later. Easiest $300 I ever made. Hell let's do a contract and I'll be a one man drop & hook operation.

You were initially saying to ignore mileage. I'm saying pay attention to all of it.
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If you don’t need it for invoicing, Profit Gauges from letstruck.com works absolutely great.

If you need invoicing included, truckingoffice work great.

I currently have both until I finish up with taxes for 2018, and will have truckingoffice exclusively for 2019 and going forward.


If you are just needing a spreadsheet that you can enter info in and have it do calculations, and don't want to buy MS Office, there's a program called Open Office that you can get free online. Just do an online search and you can find it easily. The spreadsheets calculate just like Excel, and I used it for many years. I would put all the info in and then print it out for our tax accountant. She loved that everything was already broken down by date, amount, etc. - saved her work and me $$.