Everything's becoming "Smart" ... Toothbrush..... Toilet


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Apparently you give something wifi/bluetooth (lol) let it interact with your phone/Laptop it becomes Smart.

Do I really need a toothbrush telling me I'm going to need a root canal.

So I'm done brushing and what, it will tell me wait you did not give enough
attention to your upper left molar.

I kid you not these are some of the actual claims....

"Precise tooth tracking" lol
"Tooth to tooth navigation" :D
"Interactive mobile games guide brushing in real-time " :rolllaugh2:

So I'm on Amazon checking this stuff out and they're talking about
toothbrushes reviewing it like its a car......

"Very disappointed and feels like a chainsaw in my mouth. I've got a few days left to return it but dont know what elese to try. I was using a Braun Professional Care Type 4736 toothbrush for 10 years and it was absolutely awesome. The old one had a high quality, very solid build and great ergonomics, Best of all it had a very smooth brushing mechanism that had a great feel on the teeth and gums even at top speed. It finally died and I bought this 7000 and hate it! Very rough on the teeth unless you turn it to low speed. Has a very cheap feel. Yesterday this chainsaw slipped and cut the inside of my mouth which is killing me. Oral-B seems to be putting the money into bells and whistles versus a quality brushing mechanism. I dont want bluetooth, buzzers and blinking lights. The old Brauns were made in Germany with quality. This is over-priced cheap Chinese junk. "



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add the word smart and they add anywhere to 1000% to 50,000% to the price of the product.
kinda like adding organic to any food product it is all a marketing ploy and the buying public falls for it