Europeen truck


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Us truck is an attraction may be yes for some one come from EU or Asia.
The truck are nice,usually some one are customized pretty nice and they are big.There is more accommodation for the driver,and they are more big.
After about engine i think there is no difference, 450 to 520 HP are common in EU,and i think the finition are better inside.What i mean this is about the quality for dash board like plastic and so on are better.
I send some photo for the last renault outside and inside.You can compere how the cockpit inside are more small with less commodities .Your truck look like a small studio,with more room,this is a real second home.
Your truck are nice,i hope one day i can working in US or Canada.For drive your truck,US life style.



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I think the Euro trucks look pretty cool, especially on the inside. I think my days of sitting on top of the engine are over though.


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Euro truck are very pleasant to drive the new gear are fantastic Manuel and automatic you choices witch program you Want to use. The shock are good you can drive fast on the sharp's with a great control without bad rebound.
Only the cabins are to small when you compare with US truck, and less commodity. Also the engine are more small less CC and may be less torque.