Fuel Economy Emissions and fuel economy


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You can buy all that stuff. But when I say tune an ecm I mean more give it new fuel mapping and turbo tuning for variable geometry applications. Remove it from looking at other numbers you can really tweet **** without changing hard parts if your able to gain access to that.
And that's the key. If you can't change the injection timing, you're really spitting in the wind, as you're wasting much of the extra fuel your putting in.

A bunch of the tuner boxes just increase the pulse width of the injection without correcting the timing. It's a cheap way out. It's also magnitudes easier than creating a new fuel/turbo map optimized for power or economy instead of emissions.


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Singles suck i run em because it isnt my money cascadia daycab high 7s low 8s at 70. Knock on wood dpf never been cleaned 431k. The ride sucks due to the short wheelbase. Have had 0 emission related problems except for a cracked sensor in the def tank and a def heater line 1 because some idiot filled the tank all the way up in sub zero temps and let it sit all weekend. If i run 62 mid to high 8s


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Tunes now are written to protect the engine and meet emissions.

Drivers aren't taught how to drive by a pyro or a boost gauge or what they mean.