electrical problem


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my fan control switch won`t work on med speed.
It works on low and high for about 10 seconds and quits for about 5-10 seconds and then starts up again.

It is not the switch,I have another one and both does the same thing .I replaced the blower motor last year.
One of the larger black wires to the switch get hot easy.
what could it be?


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last year when I replaced the switch,the plactic plug that plugs into the switch was melted on a few spots.I`ll do a search to try to find out where the resistor is



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I just read where a guy was having the same problem.His was a weak Bussmann Circuit Breaker 30 amp maxi

I`ll go try to find mine and see how it looks for today,in the morning,if that don`t fix it,I`ll look for that resistor

tks guys


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that motor is easy to get ,just 4 bolts,too but I`m too tired to screw with it now.My next run in tomorrow night.I`ll check it in the morning.I did check the fuses and breakers.One was hot
it was a 30A
I switched it out and still no med speed on the fan.
I`ll go buy a few in the morning
and see how it goes
appreciate the help


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well,I checked the switch,and blower motor today.I could not locate the resistor,maybe a call to KW people

so,I took one for my grand daughter`s team.
I very unselfishly tested the swimming pool out after putting the steps in....water ok,no sharks,and she will be glad to know she can take a dive this evening after school

sorry wife of mine could have least had me a float blowed up...she must not know how important I am
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I couldn`t find the resistor.i went to KW parts counter and old reliable Tim,showed me a blowed up diagram of it but warned me,they hide it somewhere down there.

I finally found it but I can`t get to it yet.I am going to try it again tomorrow.


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There's a thermistor on the back of the HVAC controller that caused a buddy with a W900 considerable headache.

Had an entire shop crawling amongst themselves until the old duffer that worked there walked by and told them that's what it was.

Had about 6 hours into diagnostic time and that took 5 minutes to swap it out.

The shop lost 5 hours diagnostic time as a result. They went back to "book time" when they found it was bad.
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2005 KW T-800

Tim at KW parts printed this off to try to help me locate the resistor
it still was hid good
first I removed the dash pocket,4 screws
next the cup holder in center of truck under dash,4 screws
next the panel with the toggel switchs for jake brake,mirror heat,nect to the dash pocket...,2 screws,that allowed me to look down with a flashlight and barely see the top of the resistor.
I ended up removing the steering column plastic bottom cover,6 screws,and then the plastic kick cover,2 screws,left side of steering cover at bottom
then I remove the one screw and slid the plastic duct work to the left about 8 inches.In the diagram it is # 4 .
I got a 1/4 inch nut driver and got the one screw holding the resistor in place out.No big deal.
However getting it back was a hour long ordeal,and I ended up with a magentic tip screw driver and a screw since the nut driver idea fell thru

I put it back after testing and I am waiting on Tim to locate me a plastic plugin for the resistor hook up.The plastic plug was burnt,and so was one wire.I temp used heat shrink spades.It is working but I `ll feel better if I had it back original.
So,all in all,I replaced the resistor this year with the 30 amp maxi fuse,last year the blower motor,and the fan speed control switch.
I don`t know what caused it all.But I guess I`ll find out if I have further problems.I wanted to post this because some day a o/o like me will need it.It took me 2 weeks to find out the problem,find out how to fix it and fix it.

maybe this will save some time for the next guy.I appreciate the help drivers