Electric Tape Steering Wheel Cover

Uncle Birchy

Life Coach
I'm surprised truck steering wheels ain't coated in hard polymer or just solid plastic given the "use"..

For 89 cents a roll of 3M Tartan from Farm & Fleet check it out ....

Anybody wanna "B-Word" they should've threw in a Steering Wheel Cover ..

Better yet the "Manufacturers" and Bright Engineer s should've figured that out15793166450404627033370937759859.jpg


Yeah I see them in truck stops all the time, different colors and styles. All auto parts stores sell them.
I ain’t never seen em for less than $20. And in most truck stops they are $30+


Will 4Mer and Oxbow get banned?
If that was done to my truck I would be firing the driver, however if I was to lose my mind enough to run a truck without a wood wheel and/or hire a driver...... my friends and family would’ve already had me livin in a padded room.
You would? I’m mean it’s dumb but I’m not sure I’d fire a guy over something that a little goo gone could cure.