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Well, I drive externally careful around folks. That won't be an issue
It's not until somebody else ****s up and hits you. My record is perfect. Still, even after a fatality crash almost two years ago. Because I had my logs squared away and wasn't running outside the clock.

There's always a way, brother
Your way will get somebody arrested. You don't think they bother to look whether there's a codriver? I have run team for two short periods in my career. DOT looked for me when my codriver was inspected. They didn't deliberately wake me up, but they by God looked.. and asked my codriver to see my licensing. But, by all means, give ****ty advice. It seems to be your forte.

Brother, I been driven for a long long time. Got it covered.
You do not. As I just explained, DOT looks for codrivers and blow-up dolls do not pass muster. They generally don't have CDLs, which DOT will ask to see. The thing that kept a personal injury/traffic accident lawyer from crawling up my ass after that crash I was in, that was 100% the fault of the drunk driver who hit me, was I had clean logs. They looked via electronic messaging. You had better be able to prove every single thing you did or whoever dies on your bumper, even if it's their fault...their family will own you.

This thread has about run its course. If anybody else has illegal advice to give to this guy, do it in PM. Keep it off these boards.

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