Trucking News: EEOC forces Transport America to accommodate service animals


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Really? Why?
There's a lot of reasons. The knowledge that each person possesses is priceless. I've learned so much since I joined.
Each person has a story to share. Some so sad, so completely hilarious, it ruins my makeup. But each person is willing to share their experiences so others will learn.
Some are so knowledgeable of the laws, it amazes me. I've found answers to so many questions I have on here.
I really look forward to logging in at the end of the day to see what's going on.
I've been off sick and have been able to spend more time here and have enjoyed it tremendously.


I was really surprised, and quite honestly hurt, that someone I admire, would paint everyone with the same brush.

My medication is on the list you posted earlier. I haven't hidden it from any job, etc., and have never been denied anything because of it.

I know it's not just you, but I had to say something because I thought you were more open minded than the majority of people who discriminate against other people.

You are entitled to your opinion and to express it, I was just suprised and like I said hurt by what you said.

Anyway, moving on......
maybe don't put people on a high pedestal.>??

but instead just take what they say as opinions/advice, etc?

i have strong feelings on those that need psychotic meds for what ever they were prescribed for, and here they are, piloting an 80,000 pound missile on the highways.

some of those meds "may be allowed" by the DOT, but many companies simply by-pass people who are on them. to me, all those meds for depression, PTSD, that the person MUST be on, and NEVER forget to take them or run out of thier supply, should not be on the roads.

any mind altering meds, should be disallowed to operate commercial vehicles.

it is not my fault you put people on a pedestal, then when some of us speak up, and voice an opinion you don't like or agree with, you get butt hurt.

that's on you....not me or the others.

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Seriously?? That by itself should be a disqualifier for obtaining a CDL. And I'm not making a joke here.
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Where does the article say anything about the man being a combat vet? Or be dealing with PTSD? It said anxiety and panic attacks. PTSD is a whole 'nother spectrum of issues, some more debilitating than others. You are able to deal with yours in a manner that keeps you stable and productive. Others are not. And yes, although I was never in military combat, I do have episodes of PTSD symptoms. If I smell burning diesel or try to drive an International, it rolls back. But like you, I have ways of dealing with it. Don't drive Internationals is one of them. I hate that because I'm one of those weirdos who loves Internationals.

Even WalMart has gotten fed up with it. They have signs up that say "No pets allowed. Certified service animals only." And I, too, have seen the abuse. A service animal is specifically trained to do a task. Along with that training is behavior and discipline training. A dog that won't sit still in the restaurant, jumps on people and yaps is not a service animal. Regardless of what the owner claims.


I know you're talking about an employee losing control, but ask @mndriver about damage to a truck and having to fly several states away to retrieve the damaged truck after letting a driver go. That was a massive fiasco.

I totally get the skepticism around so-called service and "emotional support" animals. My opinion, the whole "emotional support" thing is just nonsense. I don't buy that bullshit for a minute. A service animal, as I said earlier, is specially trained for a specific task (seeing eye dog, hearing dog, go-get-stuff dog, etc..) and has undergone extensive obedience training. A pet is not a service animal, although most service animals are treated as pets when they're "off duty." To claim a pet is a service animal delegitimizes true service animals. My opinion, it should be a criminal offense under ADA discrimination laws.
Agreed. A service dog is NOT an emotional support dog

To see the difference when one is “working” and then “off harness” is incredible. True service dogs are very well trained yet turn into huge puppies when off the clock, so to say


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Any engine

You want to be out of the torque band so you keep the RPMs higher, especially off road, low RPMs off road is hard on the diffs

Lugging motors at low rpm is hard on them.

Drop half a gear if necessary to keep it at 15-1600 rpm. Shift around 18-1900 to keep it in the sweet spot

Volvo KW Pete IH they all drive the same