Truck Repair Eaton Super 10 not doing so super.


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I have had this 1999 Freightliner FL112 for 7 years now. Get this, I have only put 58k miles on it. I turned it into a tow rig, then an RV/toy hauler rig.

This was a local auto transport truck from the beginning. Ran Colorado Springs to Texas and back. I have some histroy on it, but nothing for the transmission. They claimed 85k on it. Has definitely been out. But who knows. Body has 880k on it.

The issue I am having is, I was headed from Colorado to Ca for some races. It quit auto shifting 6 to 7. I had to manually move the range valve. Then it started not finding 7th at all. No matter what I did with rpm's, speed, selector or range valve position, it just woud not go into gear. But then it would. I had to drop into 6th each time to restart the process. Then it started coming out of 10th on a slight down grade with no load either direction. The shift lever did not move. But would not re-engage 10th unless I slowed the truck down, change the range valve to low and let it go into 9th, then it would shift into 10th. Then it got worse. Coming down a grade on I25 into Colorado, I lost all gears. Brakes only to slow it. Good thing it only weighs 37k pounds loaded. Looking for gears as I am slowing down I found 5th. So drivers side on the lever in high on the range valve. I lipped it into a rest stop. This was in February with 30mph winds in Colorado. I could here what sounded like the the range cylinder working, but it was hard to tell. Had it towed home.

I am finally getting back to looking at it. Printed a section of the manual for diagnosing the air shifting system. The range finder has 60 psi when it should. The line to the range selector has 60 psi in the drivers position. Can hear and feel the exhaust valve blow offs both directions. I can not hear anything working when the range valve is rocked from front to back and to the front again.

I think I should be hearing something move. If so what? Looking for any knowledge I can get.

And pictures, just because.

First round of building it.

Second round. Traveled for 2 years full time.
Semi traveling rig.jpg

As it sits now.
Semi camping rig.jpg


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I'd dump the intermediate axle and put a different drive shaft on to the single axle.

You don't have the weight capacity issues to justify the tandems