Dual to Single Rear Wheels

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Hi all, first forgive me if I make mistakes here (actually I can pretty much guarantee I will), I am new to heavy trucks and there seems to be a pretty steep learning curve. I am intending on buying a European 11 ton 4WD truck as a base for a RV to travel the world in. One of the things that seems to be strange about this truck is that the wheels are 8 bolt instead of the more common 10 bolt. I want to use 22.5" steel rims (hopefully about 12" wide) for tire availabilty in other countries. So, finding an 8 bolt rim for this online seems to be a bit of a challenge. Would anyone know of a place that either has these or could custom build some? Thanks for any help.


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I would take a peak at google and do a quick search to see if you have any metal fabrication shops that can do this from a simple engineering drawing. If not I would try to spot some down at a junkers or salvage.

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8 bolt what? You need to know the wheel bolt pattern before you can start hunting for rims. If it's Euro it could be metric. 8 by 6.5" was the standard for years on light duty trucks