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Timely topic.

The small(ish) carrier I leased to about a year & a half ago had a driver cam flyer on the wall when I showed up for orientation in Michigan.

I told the orientater that it was a deal-breaker.
He said that they had an opt-out for anyone who would rather pay the insurance savings than have the spycam installed...
which I was prepared to do...
BUTT, he hadn't seen a single spycam other than in the trucks that originated from NY (HQ).

So I opted in with the understanding that if the company ever pressed the issue I'd simply pay the premium.

Last week the operations manager called me to say that their insurance company would no longer tolerate dissent.
Spycams must be installed no later than this Saturday at midnight.

My first instinct was to bail on the spot.
Then I decided to string them along until I settled upon a new situation.
That turned into agreeing to have the cameras installed, thinking I would just let the rat-bastards pay for the camera plus the install while I decided where to go within the next coupla-few weeks.

I showed up this morning a few miles from the @Duck pond with those intentions.

Around about noon, as they were finishing up some other lover, the shop super comes out...
"You're next as soon as we link up his cameras and get them online."
"Your name?"

[The bile was rising in the back of my throat]

"Your name, sir?"

[Gimme a minute, numbnuts. I'm having a panic attack!]


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"Ok Mr. Smith. We'll be right with you."

You ain't ever gonna be right with me, MF'r!

"Beg pardon?"

I said thank you.


I can't do it...
I just can't...
I'm gone!

I got 3 calls within a half-hour...
"What would it take?"

1) Ditch the spycam.
2) Restore the rate you cut last year.
3) Stop flip-flopping the schedule so that one load is 8 am [0800 to @Sinister :thefinger:] and the next is midnight.
I can do either/or but I can't do both in the same week!

"You know I can't do that!"

You know...
me neither.

You may not like my appearance,
you may not like my song.
you may not like the way I am,
but you damn well like me GONE!



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Had a voice mail from the operations manager when I woke up.
He said that he would deactivate the spycam after the installation and I could toss it in the sidebox...
but it would have to be very confidential.

I dunno...
I'm pretty sure they can still KMA.


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Had a voice mail from the operations manager when I woke up.
He said that he would deactivate the spycam after the installation and I could toss it in the sidebox...
but it would have to be very confidential.

I dunno...
I'm pretty sure they can still KMA.
Sounds like the camera is more of a tipping point than a sole issue, if you are so ready to bug out. I am sure there are better deals for you elsewhere.


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Had a voice mail from the operations manager when I woke up.
He said that he would deactivate the spycam after the installation and I could toss it in the sidebox...
but it would have to be very confidential.

I dunno...
I'm pretty sure they can still KMA.
Swift doesn't even require lease or owner ops to install cameras. They never did. They didn't even ask me. I think they knew better.

Point that out to Mark next time you talk to him.


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The only reason I am still driving with this continually recording, randomly uploading piece of crap on this truck, is due to timeline convenience and cheaper cost of O/O operation if I suck it up and bail this fall. If it didn't make a huge difference for where I am going, I would leverage everything I have and be in my own truck before the end of next month.

There are always issues.
After all, I'm a truck driver!

If they paid me $5 pm, 100% D&H and home daily I would figure out something to ***** about!
Yeah, but it would just be whining for whining sake then. Sorta like how if an infantryman isn't complaining, they're planning. Blue cord plans usually involve violence... lol


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The system Knight has installed in the trucks is interior capable, but there is no internal camera. You just get a forward, out the windshield, camera mounted inside with a microphone on it... which either uploads or updates their servers easily 50 times a day, and event triggers randomly from what this thing has done.

I drive within the law, and within the more aggressive company implementation as far as restricted speeds, restricted maneuvers, and so on...

It falls back to corporate entities wanting to micromanage because they want a revolving door, as rookies across the board fuel megas as rookies with few exceptions of specific loads, do the exact same job that experienced hands do... for up to 20 CPM cheaper, going off the last published pay chart I saw.

Couple the revolving door with reduction of supervised training, as the sooner a trainee is solo, the sooner another load is moving.... and they now need these sutomated supervidory tools because they do not endure they just hire good people.

Bud I was in Squire with just got fired for a U turn.....which was on a desolate road with no traffic, with the u turn being necessary to not go in a residential area where he would have been totally stuck in, or worse have had to try to back out of. I am not defending his choice of maneuver as having looked at things where he did it, he had options prior, but with the company provided equipment he had zero chance of knowing the fecal sammich he was heading into, other than by experience and intuition inferred from experience.

The problem with these "tools" coupled with a zero tolerance/defects mentality and no real human factor in the equation is that it takes the driver out of control of the situation THEY are in, right then. Sometimes you just have to make the best decision out of the few crap choices you have, and with these policies and enforcement equipment, you have no choice whatsoever.

I am lucky. I have my piddly years worth of driving that built on my EVOC/CEVO training for emergency vehicle operation with similar weight and width vehicles, my personally owned trailer experience with trailers just 10ft shorter than I pull now, and combined personal and military experience with long distsnce driving, fatigue, etc.

I still dislike having options reduced, when simply operating intelligently and with due regard for the equipment, the public, and yourself, would make most of the rules nonstarters with a properly trained and qualified workforce.

Why say we captain the ship, when we can't turn to port because it COULD be bad, when starboard means guaranteed bad...

Speaking of captain's and ships... @mndriver

Remember how I parked for a 10 and rolled at 2AM because of winds?

There was a wind related truck wreck 24hrs later, in the same recorded wind speeds, in the same timeframe I was supposed to be driving on my route the day before, with a similar load configuration to what I was pulling. Historical data from DOT weather showed 9pm-4am being the lightest winds, and 2am departure let me roll straight thru to destination without traffic hangups in LA. The load was lateER, yeah, but the load was already late when I was dispatched, let alone picked it up.

Head shed knew it was late from the getgo... I took slight pleasure in forwarding the wind and accident data to my DMs who were going off wind data from airports on route that supported me driving....instead of DOT weather stations on the roadway I was to travel.


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So you stopped the truck for safety reasons, and they questioned you on it?
It was less winds than they see in Wyoming.

March 7th I rolled across elk mountain with 12K in the front third with 50-60+ mph gusts. High risk yes. He had a 35,000 load that cubed his box out and 20-25 mph winds.

So one raises an eyebrow when weather service is only reporting 20-25 mph winds.

No, ranger doesn't drive for me. But we have been talking.