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National Geographic and it's on Hulu.

I thought I posted about this show a few years ago but the search brought up nothing.

I like this show for amusement, but a ton of it is fake, stupid, and sometimes these people irritate me.

I watched half an episode of a guy sitting with his family at dinner and the conversation was all about how the government was planning on killing everyone.

You could just see how thrilled his two teenage daughters were.

Way to go, Dad.

I just watched S3 E2: Take Our Country Back.

Same result.

One guy lives on the Alaskan Shoreline so he's preppering for a Tsunami. Owns a tattoo parlor, so that's where his money comes from.

He purchased a light armored vehicle from "a militia group in Minnesota" and teaches his family how to use it as an armored assault vehicle.

At one point he had forced his 16 year old daughter to use a jigsaw to cut steel so he could build underwater caches and place them a bit offshore and retrieve them later. She got a piece of metal in her eye and had to go to the hospital.

I guess the tsunami wasn't going to affect HIS stuff.

The second guy lives in a central Oregon someplace. The guy had to be rich beyond imagination. His house was easily over a million dollars. He has over 30 vehicles.

At one point a wildfire was racing toward his house so the bugged out, for about a half hour, when they heard he fire was contained.

Think maybe you coulda called the park rangers, genius?

When he raced out of his house he did so I a newer F350 crew cab dually with a 3 axle toy hauler camper. The film crew put a camera on top so they could show him racing down country roads, because there's NO WAY this was staged.

I think wrestling looks more real...

That's probably 120,000 dollars right there.

Where the hell do these people get their money??

Anyway, the whole time they're building this 1990 (ish) Suburban into an armored vehicle. Still fuel injected, which is not EMP proof, but I guess since this guy was prepping for economic collapse, and not an EMP attack that doesnt matter.

They put a big cow catcher thing on the front, so it's guaranteed to overheat by the end of the driveway.

So after all that, in order to test the vehicle, this group stacks a bunch of pallets and LIGHTS THEM ON FIRE and drives through it. Then they all stand around and high five each other.

Then apparently there's a company that judges your prepping skills and setup and grades you.

I fully understand the value of preparedness, but this show doesn't do Preppers any favors.

I guess the thing that annoys me most is that these people drag their kids into their paranoid crap.

I keep thinking:

Your kids don't want to hear about governemnt slaughtering its citizens at the dinner table, and a 7 year old that can't hold up an SKS doesn't need to know how to fire one. Find something else to talk about and get a youth .22...

I see your kids leaving home as soon as they can, and the girls will likely have daddy issues.
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But..... Zombies, dude! What about the ZOMBIES?

You can't make a thread about paranoid, delusional idiots without mentioning ZOMBIES! :eek:
1: Anyone actually into, or actively prepping is not going to broadcast it on tv, radio, some interwebs message board. I love the jerk offs on redfacetwatsninder showing off all their mad skills, and stock piles.

2: You can train your children to be prepared for anything and everything without the tinfoil hat FEMA death camp, zombie apocalypse, A American bullshippie. Self reliance is a valuable tool in life.


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Everything I have for gear has a primary use, that is real, honest, and fun. Just so happens that there's alternate purposes for having so much camping gear, etc. Something bad happens, it just means we're going camping, ie going to go have fun. Yeah, we're going to have a sleep rotation and might dig in...


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I watched 2 episode of a similar show figuring I may learn something. I was wrong!
No wait, I learned i wasted about 2 hours of my time! Don't do that no more.

I am not saying prepping or being prepared is a waste of time. I am just saying the show is a waste of time.

People can and should be prepared but there is no reason to be all paranoid about it.

I have a two-fer of beer so I am good for the first day:thumbsup:
Are we talking Survivalist **** here?

Well, don't forget not to pay your taxes... and WTH are you doing with the internet and social media? Don't you know that everyone is watching you?

Wait..... shhhhhhh...

There's a black helicopter above... and I don't hear it's blades whirring.....

Hopefully you don't have a humongous family. You would need more than a treasure chest to host your un-registered arsenal.....

or are we talking about Mormons?

BTW, what do infants shoot with? I should know the answer to that question.....the Infantry