Don't cry to much with your working condition


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This is my own opinion.Don't cry to much with your working condition.I know the time change,but is impossible for come back in the past the 70 's ,the golden years with an easy or good money this is a past every where .
I working hard in my life,i doing different job and i can compere who are more privileged.

I'am expat in asia and doing different job in 8 year's here to this is a recession .But the last work i doing is the worth job i doing in my life.I try to run a farmer business for 2 years half.I growing casava or tapioca 14 acres.I working alone with my wife i doing every think by myself .Some time a friend help me.When the time for collect arrived this is an other story.
Will have to dig up the tapioca. Really not easy when the Earth is hard.Cut it and then put it in bags of 60 kg. Work all day under a temperature of 38 degree celsius .Start 6 AM and finish 8 PM .Working every day for 3 months for collect 120 tones .may be 5 to 6 day of in tree month.Stay 600 km far away from my child's .Only my wife go and back for see them .
The farming industries here are so bad you can wind money only one times every 5 years.The government never support the farmer they don't lock the price.And when the price is good every body doing and growing the same think because they dream about the jackpot.[ me to ] .But the production are superior at the demand and the price fall ,and fall,and fall .
I never do this again this is clear .

For me drive a truck this is a pleasure ,i like drive . Some one of you can said , i never drive a truck , this is true .
But i'am a international bus driver for 5 years in the past ,france,greece,itali,austria,etc...
I know the constraint , but i'am enjoy for doing this job.And if your doing your job well is not so bad to when compere with an other job..109.jpg 103.jpg 097.jpg


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Why you know where i stay ?May be half lion and dog my best friend so small but really strong .

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