Dogs and motorcycles


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I seen the cutest thing today.I stopped at the gas station for soda at the drive thru.There was a cycle ahead of me and seen a dog wondering around and all I could think about was she needs water.Here she goes over to the cycle and jumps up in the seat.Her name is Gracie,this guy takes her everywhere on his bike and she loves it.Gracie is a bloodhound puppy.


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The truck driver who has his yard down the road from me....Got himself a scooter and on the back of it installed a basket with cushion....I see him whizzing by with the scooter and in the basket is his chihuahua. Just seems like trucks, motorcycles and pet all go together like a piece of toast with butter and jam.
Here a while back I hit the truck stop for a pop....I standing behind this fella at the check out and notice something wiggling around in his vest pocket...out pop's this small black head of a puppy with melt me quick cute eyes. He turns to me and says my girlfriend likes your perfume....I just smiled but my thought was sure your girlfriend looking for a snack.....:biglaugh: