Diagnostic/Electronic Repair services- For Owner operators


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Hi everyone, hope the road isn't treating you too bad.

I'd like to let owner operators know that I am finally opening for business ( final equipment is on the way). I started a company to provide a diagnostic and very light repair business to Owner-Operators. I do not and can not service company drivers due to legal and contractual restrictions.

What exactly do I offer?
At the moment, I offer full diagnostics which includes but isn't limited to things like forced regens, reading and clearing codes, derate resets, etc. I do not do roadside, or mobile mechanical repairs yet for multiple reasons. However, I can do the offered services wherever.

How does the service work?
Once I have the equipment (Tuesday estimated arrival), myself or an employee will show up at your location after discussing pricing for the service you requested. You, the owner OP, will need to sign a "permission", or "release" agreement and pay for services upon arrival. The document just allows the reporting mechanic to hook up to your truck via ECM or OBD port connection and perform any tasks. Signature ensures a multitude of things, most notably making sure you are covered by our insurance. The insurance covers not only the mechanic and the business, but most importantly, YOU and YOUR TRUCK should anything not go according to plan (with the software used, that's very rare, but I like to protect my customers). The signed document is good for the services that ONE time, or yearly (up to the o/o).

What software/program am I using?
I'm using dealer, or "OEM" software. This ensures proper responses/communication between my equipment and your truck.

What's this going to cost?
Good question. I aim to be cheaper than dealerships. Since working at a dealer, I understand the pricing is getting outrageous especially once you factor the amount of time you wait most of the time. Pricing varies due to what service you requested. This is done for several reasons, but mainly the OEM software is expensive and costs me differently per service as well as time spent. A service fee which covers fuel, etc is also assessed if you're out of the regular service range. I would like feedback as to what you guys would pay for a service such as a forced regen. This will help me establish a better baseline. I do have a figure in mind, but your feedback is vital.

How does this help the o/o?
This service helps reduce down time as most shops (only speaking for those I've heard about and have experience with) have you waiting an excessive amount of time.. which cuts into your profits. This also eliminates any chance of having to burn on-duty time on your elog, etc. Also, saves money due to my billing structure. Example situation; let's say you have a derate. This obviously reduces speed, therefore time and times money. A severe enough derate can shut your truck down, leaving you stranded and good luck with the dealership to remove the derate. On the other hand, once you derate, I can come to you once your stopped and safe, and remove the derate. I know this wont always fix the issue in every case, however, I will be able to get you back to full power, supply you with the knowledge needed (in case of mechanical repairs) so you can tell the shop EXACTLY what part needs repaired/replaced. You wont be taken advantage of again.

I believe this service is very valuable for aforementioned reasons as well as helping you bypass the "diag" cost at the dealer- getting you in and out quicker. The majority of the "fixes" I will be able to address and fix to manufacturer specs.

I also want you to spectate at least the first service in the entirety, if not all. I believe this accomplishes multiple things, but most importantly to me, it establishes TRUST.

Why should I trust/do business with you?
I have experience in diagnosing/repairing semi trucks, as I was employed by a Peterbilt dealer, and I know most of the hardships o/o's deal with when it comes to maintenance and mechanics through the time I spent on my dad's truck (driving since the mid 80's) and the b.s service yall get, as witnessed. I really started this to alleviate those hardships and help your bottom line. I also, and I know this may be shocking due to rarity, but I respect not only you but the truck. The truck is your lively-hood, house and your family is reliant on it. I understand the bond most truckers have with ones truck.

I apologize for the length of this post, I'm also open and available for any questions, feedback, etc you may have. I just ask it stays professional.

Drive safe and happy holidays!