Debt, losses sink indigenous-owned Canadian carrier featured on ‘Ice Road Truckers’


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Tli Cho Landtran Transport, a trucking company once featured on the TV series “Ice Road Truckers,” is shutting down along with several affiliates that hauled freight in some of Canada’s most treacherous freight lanes but faced a staggering load of debt and mounting losses in the millions.

Tli Cho Landtran, Ventures West Transport and two affiliates incurred C$18 million in losses in the fiscal year ending in March, their owner, Tlicho Investment Corp, said in a Nov. 27 court filing in Alberta seeking creditor protection. By the end of October, their debt reached C$60 million with assets worth about C$40 million.


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i watched that show, can't say i ever saw or heard of that company.
I'm waiting for Quest TV to step up their game and get Deep Sea Fishing re-runs..

While they're at it they can get beyond season 3 of Dual Survival..alway Cody , Dave or Cody n Joe.

Well Joe and Matt Grahmn made a good team too