Truck Repair Cylinder Heads - Cat C15, C16, C18 and 3406E

Daniel Otto

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I have some doubts about the C15, C16 and C18 engines:

Do they use the same cylinder heads? The differences between this models are just in cylinder bore and stroke?
And what about the 3406E with C-15 and C-15 Acert?
(I’m not from USA and it is very difficult to get information about those engines here)


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The acerts are for sure different from the 3406E, due to the IVA's. I seem to recall a block casting change when they changed nomenclature to the C series, but don't know if the deck changed too.


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I am not sure on swapping heads between the 15 and 16L but they do use the same block 3406 is completely revamped, there were several design changes. The 18L is larger in block size. I do believe an Acert head can be used on a regular 15 block but not 100%

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