Cummins Insite is bad

Ontario Outlaw

Hozer Witta Hood
Well four hours later, a complete uninstall and reinstall, it seems to be working
Opened up again tonight no error codes or licensing BS :biggrin-2:

HEY r3gulator3 r3gulator3 you ever play with driver rewards?

If you set you governed road speed to 65, and set the target fuel mileage to like 3 mpg, it’s supposed to let you have 10-15 mph more on the peddle. Supposed to be the way to cheat but still look governed. I’ve played with it a couple times but couldn’t get it to work

So I set it to 95 mph governed road speed and forgot about it :thefinger:

I originally set it to 85 but it sucked not keeping up with the left lane legends. :D