Crete - How Much More Can You Embarrass Your Drivers?


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I wonder why we have a different name for Germany than what they call it themselves. The Germans call it douche-land or something. .. "Deutchland" I think.


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And it sounds like, "Doytch-Lawnt"

No idea how "Germany" came from that.

Where's RubberPedia when you need him? Looks like some imposter hacked his account.


Yeh....I find it amusing how many of the Tribes were named. If I had said "Dine," most would not know what I was talking about, some would assume Navajo since their word for themselves is the same, and some would ask, "Is it time to eat already?"

The Flathead people were not the ones who would board their babies' heads to place a slope along the front of the skull. The Blackfeet were so named after they walked through a previously burned area of wilderness. The Apache were called this because it was a Zuni word for "enemy." Well, at the time, we were.
I have Mohawk in the bloodline, was kinda proud of it, finding out what 'Mohawk' really means took a little of the thrill out of it.
Thay had to do something. They slowed there trucks down. And we're droping like flies here. Because all the fraight seems to be in the northeast. And the miles there isn't so great.