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So...I came into the yard after a long day, just want to drop my trailer and find a bobtail spot with an electrical outlet. Now, in every facility, there are spots that any fool can just whip right into and then other spots that the most seasoned, crusty ol'phart would be giving the side-eye to. Well, the DC is pretty full right now, so what's left are the not-a-spots and the side-eye spots. There was a CRE truck at an odd angle, with the back end pointed at one of the worst side-eye spots in the facility.

I had to wait because the truck blocked the main drive to where I needed to go. Three pull-ups later, the driver moved away from the spot to attempt a better setup. I took the opportunity to go around and found a tight, but easily do-able place to drop my trailer. Meanwhile, CRE was continuing to fight with that spot. I unhooked and was getting ready to pull away from my trailer, when CRE drove toward me, as if abandoning the side-eye spot.

I waved the driver down. When the window went down, I saw the driver was a lady, not that it really matters.. Anyway, I directed her to a very easy, near-pull-through not-a-spot that I have used on a number of occasions. She thanked me and I returned to my truck just in time to watch her drive right past the place I had just told her about. Well, whatever.

I checked my trailer number in with the shop, went to the bathroom, turned in my paperwork, gossiped with another Swifty for a few minutes, stopped in the dispatch office for a few more minutes and then went to check on CRE's progress, out of pure nosiness. She was still struggling with that spot. Stood in the doorway to the WalMart office for a bit yapping and then went to look again.

CRE lady was backing that trailer into the spot. Finally. She parked the trailer, unhooked and came into the office looking for the restroom. When she returned, I spoke with her for a few minutes. She is a four-month driver and had made her mind up that she was going to park that trailer in that spot, come hell or high water. Well, b'gawd, she did.

The look of accomplishment on her face was priceless. She took a lot of time, but she refused to allow that side-eye spot, one that I avoid at almost any cost because of the obstacles across from it, the inevitable peanut gallery, the high level of traffic and my own sheer laziness, to beat her. She. put. that. trailer. where. she. wanted. it. ...and she drove away with more confidence than ever.

Proud of ya', CRE lady. Good work, great tenacity and love the attitude. As long as you continue to believe in yourself, you'll do well in this field.


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yep, she was determined to get it in and accomplish the feat, no matter the amount of sweat it took.

now as you say, she has some more confidence in her ability not to be shaken and defeated.

there will be a day however, when she will say.."screw it" and look for the pull through.....

and on THAT day.....she will be the, A-Typical Trucker....


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I thought for sure this story was going to end with you saying,
"Well, whatever. I ain't here to argue with some female."

One of my first solo runs was out to Pa and I got there about 2 am while the place was shut down.
I spent a couple of hours backing into different docks for the practice.
Coupla jokers pulled in toward the end and one keyed up to say, "Damn, that guy don't know WTF he's doing!"

No ****, Sherlock!
You should have seen me when I first got here.

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