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Well guys, I am leavin crete because they done pissed me off now, they are just picking with me now it seems, because I done sat and got compliant for 5 days like they asked, now it was time to release me and they tell me that the next time I will be shut down for 30 days and I will also need a new physical before I get into a truck again because the doctor gave me some sleeping meds to relax me so I will be able to keep mask on, I am sick of them at this point and now they dont want to get me a rent a car to come back, they said they can get me a bus ticket, well hell with that, I am not taking a bus, they rented me a car to get the job, so I am going some place else,prob back to western express unfortunately.

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Wait now Mon, If you have enough time in you can get with a smaller company that does not subject drivers to such B.S. Hold off on the Western thing.


I don't get the videos?
Huh? I just checked it with Internet Exploder & they work. Or at least, ... I can see the embedded players. They're set as "unlisted" but not "private" on YouTube. If that's the problem, I'll set them to "public".

Methinks the problem might be at your end though.
Hello everyone, I am having problems with this cpap machine, I have been with crete for about 5 months and everything was going gd intill they made me get a sleep study and forced me to but a cpap machine thru them, the problem is that I am a active sleeper and the mask will not stay on at nite and I have done everything, at this point I am desperate, they have put me out of service 4 times already ranging from 7, 5, 5 and now 11 days today, this time they told me to clean out my truck and go home to get compliant and then I can come back, I am not trying to leave company but I am losing alot of money, any suggestions please, this is really getting out of hand over a cpap machine.
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dont they have different options now with the masks? like air tubes? I thought i heard that. Im a Shaffer driver. Hope you got it figured out.


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:biglaugh:you could always try DUCK tape.... no offence duck....
I think you're gonna have to get creative & see if there's a way you can modify the mask so it won't come off, and modify the hose so it won't break either.

Either that, or get with a doctor about the tossing & turning.

Or spend 10 hours online searching the internet to find out if anybody's ever figured out how to hack those CPAP machines so they can "fix" the data log.


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ok I have a seriours question is every trucking company going to inforce the cpap?
boy the stupidity just keeps going on and on ....and here's something else that really don't make sence to me and I hope nobody takes offence to this but here goes.......they tried to market this didn't they forced it on the trucking industry...the trucking industry wont ever stick together....most of the time its hard to get five truckdrivers to agree on the same subject. when in reality it could be soooo different. I don't mean any disrespect to anybody we are who we are but if drivers would just stand up and stick together the industry would not be picked on nearly half as much. the business man pays the lobist to pass these laws so they can make people buy their product and who do they have in their sites ?...........truck drivers....why?.....because they wont stand up for their profession. im sorry no offence but 30+ years in this industry and I am one that has watched it happen from the deregulations in the 80's to the circus act that it has become and guys and gals its gonna get worse... has anybody actually ever sat down and read this CSA crap.....this is seriours stuff. everything from a blown light bulb to your weaight and body mass can cause you to lose your job. hell you can get 30 points if you leave your truck in a parking lot go home and someone comes along and hits it 30!!!!!!!!!!! points..... don't get me wrong here when I say some drivers.....need to be put out of the truck and we have all seen them. but this is clearly the industry (us) bowing down and letting the politicians run us over just to get more votes on their side and that's exactly what it amounts to. we clearly ALL get the blame for hell pretty much what ever they want to blame us for. THIS IS A HARD LIFE but i happen to love it for the challenges it presents the reward is usually nothing more than "i survived another day". its sure not for everybody i would bet money that 10 out of 12 new drivers quit within the first 6 months just because well its not for everybody and that is our bargaining chip in the game right there...... i hope i haven't offended anyone i don't mean to but if i can somehow put just an idea out there that may someday contribute to a turning point for this industry then that's what i mean to do. i love my truck its a machine i have rebuilt daily for the past 12 years its not beautiful but it is special because its mine. and i love late nights with my coffee cup and an open road to me there's nothing that can match that feeling. there is something we all love about this job or we wouldn't do it. i hope we can preserve it and not let the government and the money man turn it into a freak show....cpap.....what a freakin joke.
CPAPers you have to sleep on your back or side for CPAP mask to stay on . . .
Try buying a few more pillows and propping them around your head . . .
It takes a while to get used to machine, few days, week or two . . .
Yep it is B.S. but safety bureaucrats control the industry . . .
Hang in there I went thru the same thing myself . . .