Covenant Transport/Trucking


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Any feedback on this company? Looking into it for my wife and I.


My other car is a POS too
I don't have any current knowledge that can help. It's a dynamic industry.

All I can say is it sucked to drive for them in 2004.

HHG mileage pay, forced dispatch, forced routing, forced fueling, long waits on hold to talk to maintenance if you needed them, Chattanooga is a black hole, if you end up within 300 miles it sucks you in and it takes three days to get out. The Freightliners had optimized idle, making it nearly impossible to sleep. One day off per week on the road, but minimum 3 weeks out, and you gotta request home time a week in advance.

Orientation was more like Vacation Bible School than anything else. And they talk down to you like you're a crack addict they just rescued off the street out of the goodness of their hearts after you stole a loaf of bread from them or something.

But like I said. That was 13 years ago. Things change. That's why I didn't elaborate at first.