Company Cell Phone Policy


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Walmart at least ran a long test program with volunteers and compiled data on how many drivers they'd lose, etc.
What was the outcome of that?


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I remember in orientation being told that under no circumstances should we use the Qualcom while driving- yet I was messaged so many times times I couldn't count them- if I had stopped every time I received a message I'd still not have made my first load-


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What was the outcome of that?
We got cameras.

Outward facing only.

We’re allowed to cover the inward facing one, but not with adhesives.

So usually everyone uses a piece of tape. Adhesive tape.

Microphones also.

Supposedly records on a 12 second loop and uploads at CER.

But I’ve seen a few clips that make me think that some offshore employee is watching all the time and just forwards back to the company what they think might need looking at.

I had a few uploads a week or two ago. I walked in and interrupted the safety guy and asked him if he got my uploads.

We went over them and he decided that I was in the right adjusting my speed according to changing traffic.

One guy got canned recently because during a hard brake the microphone picked up him saying, “Siri, text my wife.”

Apparently using voice to text doesn’t stand up in court, so it’s still considered texting.

Lawyers again... 🙄

So they reviewed his records and found **** tons of texts sent while he was driving.


Only because voice to text doesn’t count either.