Common Sense: Teach Your Kids to Fight Back


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But never start it.

Psychologist makes case for teaching kids to punch back |

DUBLIN, Ireland — When you talk to your children about responding to bullies, the best advice you can give them is put up their fists and fight back.

At least that’s the controversial new argument made by an Irish clinical psychologist who maintains that a child is less likely to be pushed, punched, kicked or physically bullied twice if he or she pushes back the first time.

“If an initial physical attack is not met with some degree of physical response, then it tends to happen again,” psychologist David Coleman wrote in an opinion piece for the Irish Independent. “If another child discovers that they can push someone around, they often continue to do so.”


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I came home crying because a kid in a grade above me jumped me on my way home from school. He was a bully, and I did not fight back. As soon as I told my mom what happened, I was crying again as she was whipping me for not fighting back.

Next day, on the way home, bully came again, and he got his tail whipped. A couple hours later, his mom and him was at our front door. His mom was there to call me out as a trouble maker, mom escorted her escorted her from the front porch to the street, threatening to whip her if she showed back up in her yard, LOL.

From that day on, I never ran from anything other than the cops. ;)


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There is only two things to fighting flite or fight. As most of you know by now I am a small fry.....I am told I came into this world fighting for life. So guess one could say I been a scrapper since day one.

My first round was in school with a gal that wanted everyone to bow down to her....I came home with black and blue shins and bite marks and hair missing one day from school. My father took one look at my legs, bite marks and hair and to the garage we went. That where I took another whippin from him and a lesson on fighting....and a promise of a whippin every time I came home with a new mark. I had all night to cry and think about my wounds...Next day at school she started in on me again but this time the tables got turned....I caught her at her locker and jammed her head inside of it and shut the door on her head so she could go no where and I went to work kicking azz in grand style. That evening after school was out I went to my father garage and built myself a shank out of a old can opener that I carried under my belt I wore on my skirts to school. I carried that shank until the day I graduated from high school....It only took one good azz kicking for the rest of them to leave me alone. Since then yes been in a lot of rough rolls....and I have learned I can almost make a weapon out of just about any thing I can get my hands on. I do not run well and I have a few battle scars and broken bones along the way.....But for the most part people just leave me be. I learned from the house of hard knocks what I know today....Thanks


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I'm all for fighting back as long as it's not on school grounds that may get both kids suspended.Only thing fighting with words will do is get you laughed at and more name calling.


"Controversial new argument"?


It's obvious that reporter is a pansy-ass millennial.

Anyone older than that would know it's always been the best advice and the most effective way to handle bullies.

When I was a kid, probably ten years old some teenagers used to pick on me. I always ignored it like a *****. Then one day the same kids decided to surround & harass my sister, (who was their age) in front of my house.

I ran out there with a baseball bat and they took off. I didn't manage to hit any of them but I did break a reflector off of one of their bicycles as they were riding away.

But they never bothered either of us again.

Funny thing, about a week ago one of those boys sent me a friend request on Facebook. I didn't accept it but I looked at his page and he's half bald & really fat.