Colon cancer and truckers

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Colon cancer is not only silent in its early stages, but also expensive to detect. Like all cancer, early detection is imperative for a successful treatment results.
Colon cancer is more difficult to diagnose in professional truck drivers. Most of the symptoms are ones that truckers demonstrate due to lifestyle and diet, so no alarm bells go off. These symptoms include constipation; sense of incomplete bowel movement; blood on the toilet paper; bright red or maroon-colored stool; and black stool
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This is great Information. My father Pasted as a result of colon cancer and as the article states it had gone to far undetected, by time he found out it had already spread to other organs. he had two operations after the 2nd operation he lived only 6 month. This is why it so important for the trucking community to put the proper importance on their health on an individual bases and as a whole. I have put the proper importance on the Idea of health and sharing the information and knowledge of how just by drink 1 cup a day of Food For Life Supreme wheatgrass bio-coffee will make a major difference to your health. I have many other Idea That will help eliminate this problem and i shared problem because it can and will be solved very easily. However First things first and that is cleansing. Check out my post wheatgrass is first class.

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As I have said before, too many men ignore the symptoms because of the stigma that goes with the screening techniques involved.

As far as I am concerned, the indignity of having a finger stuck up my butt is far less of an issue than the painful treatment, and possible outcome of dying from this disease. I don't like the finger wave anymore than the next guy, but being dead is something I like even less. Yes we are all going to die someday, that is an all too real fact of life.

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But colorectal and prostate cancers are preventable, and treatable.

When a person turns 50, getting screened should be the first thing on their "to do" list after celebrating the momentous occasion of their passing the halfway point in life. And after that, regular checkups are a must.

If you are 50 or older and you have not had a checkup, what are you waiting for, the Grim Reaper?

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Early detection is the key to cancer. Here your given the chance to find it and do something about it. Don't wait and you know what it's ok to joke about it. You guys joke about everything else. Just have the test done.

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Early Detection is Good However what is Right is to prevent it from ever being detected. Meaning we check to make sure that the preventable habit is working properly. Remember an ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure.

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Great post Racer x 69 yes you are right. The practice of prevention along with checking is the key. Putting into practice healthy habits such as Drink 1 cup of food for life supreme wheatgrass Bio coffee is a great start in the right direction of prevention. Remember An Ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure.

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