Clutch adjustment

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Can my automatic transmission 12 speed fully automatic can the clutch be adjusted on that


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What kind of truck? If it's a FREIGHTLINER with a DT12 transmission you likely have other concerns with your trans as that clutch should last 750,000 miles. I would get it into a shop before you start to have a problem if it goes out you will brake the input shaft or just be stranded because it can't engage.


I hate KW 680s
It is an international I believe bit I second the get it in a shop. When it goes it will not be pretty.
Internationals aint the best trucks on road @Tazz yet as a "Driver" id take that ProStar over the KW Model 680....

That KW 680 is the worst hunk of JUNK ever Made yet most will "ardently" Defend the 680 cause its a Kenworth...

In Trucking that KW 680 is more "Overated" than Meryl Streep as an Actress...

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