Class A or Hotshot?

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I know you have probably heard this question a thousand time, but I sure could use some advice. I am 50 years old and live in Atlanta. I worked in a completely different field and have worked for companies for 25 years (with crappy pay). I love being on the open road and want to start my own business. I need some guidance. I am able to pay cash to get the equipment and training I would need, but don't know whether to go Hotshot or Class A. Ideally, I would like to haul 3 days a week (between Tues-Fri) and be able to net $1500 or over a week. I am pretty frugal and would sleep in my vehicle. Which way would make this more possible? Are there many dedicated routes that stay full most of the time (like Atlanta to Savannah, or Atlanta to Anywhere Florida)? Thanks very much for your advice?


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go class "A" then you can pretty well do what you want, start driving clas A with a company, get the experience you need to move to something else if you want dont' get into a big hurry to buy a truck until you know the ropes, if you do I give you about a 5% chance of succeeding there is a LOT you will need to learn just in the driving part and then the business side is a whole new ballgame.

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I don't know about the hotshot thing, but if the money is as good/bad as CDL A, then I would prefer hotshot, it's not as restricting as 18 wheels (I would think). I would think hotshots are under same restriction but probably can get away with lot more than trucks.


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This is saying something but I'd rather have that coffin over the extended cab back seat. I see those guys all the time and it just looks painful to me.


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Found this for you..

For everybody else, there's this..

Wow! i was at a truck show and they had this old truck, you know how they looked like bulkier pick ups back in the day? Could have been a Dodge. But, It had to be one of the first sleepers.
It looked like it was added on and there was no access from the cab. So the driver would have to get out of the truck to enter the sleeper.
I got chills just thinking about waking up in the morning and having to go out in the cold to get back in the drivers seat.