Clarify 60Hr/7Day Rule


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Hey guys, I'm the IT guy for my company's ELD system and I just wanted to clarify the 60/7 rule.
Based on what I've read regarding the 60 hours over 7 days regulation, I think that only time spent Driving and On-Duty(Not Driving) count against your cycle limit. I'm assuming the break you take during a shift longer than 8 hours does not count against this limit. I just want to be certain before I tell my boss anything concrete.


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Any time logged on duty, including driving, counts against the 60 hour clock.

Off duty or sleeper birth time does not effect it.

Only way to reset the 60 hour clock is with 34 hours on either off duty or sleeper birth.


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You don't necessarily have to reset by the 7th day you can run recap hours so, After the 7th day you get back the hours you spent on day 1


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it means get a fresh paper log book and you can have a fresh 60/7 days to run,ad infinitum